Singer/songwriter Buck Johnson hails from the back roads of Shady Grove, Alabama, just outside Birmingham where he grew up singing Gospel throughout the South with his musical family.  Since then he has performed in churches, bars, festivals and concert halls throughout the world.  He currently is the keyboardist and backing vocalist for legendary rock band Aerosmith and The Hollywood Vampires (Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry).  He has also toured and recorded with such notable artists as The Doobie Brothers, Tal Bachman, John Waite, Shawn Mullins, Matthew Sweet, Timothy B. Schmit of the Eagles and many more. 

As a songwriter, Buck has been influenced by the music he grew up with…namely Southern-Rock, Gospel, Blues and English bands that were influenced by music of the South such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, and many others. Buck co-wrote the international hit single for Carlos Santana “Just Feel Better” featuring Steven Tyler from Aerosmith in 2005.  He was a member of the Country band Whiskey Falls which had 2 Top 40 Country singles released from their self-titled 2007 album..."Last Train Running" and "Falling Into You".  Buck also has had numerous songs in T.V. shows and in major film releases.

Buck released his debut solo album in 2016 on Spectra Records which showcases songs that reflect his life journey with all it’s ups and downs.  Songs like “Enjoying The Ride” and “Live For The Song” describe the musical road of a “lifer” singer-songwriter/musician with all the twists and turns.  “Country, Rockin’ and Reelin” talks about his musical roots, influences, where he’s from and the musical place he lives today.  “Southern Belle”, a fun, CCR influenced romp, is about the attraction to a beautiful, and fiery Southern woman.  And “After All These Years” is an emotional ballad about the love shared with and commitment he has to his beautiful wife Kym.  

The album consists of the world class musicians Buck has been recording and playing with in Nashville, Tn. and also guest appearances from notable musicians like Kenny Aronoff on drums, Waddy Wachtel on guitar and Stuart Duncan on fiddle.  

All the songs were written by the writing team of Buck Johnson and producer/songwriter Charlie Midnight (James Brown, Joe Cocker, The Doobie Brothers, Joni Mitchell, Jamie Johnson, Hillary Duff), with collaborations on “Enjoying The Ride” and “Live For The Song” with hit Nashville songwriter James Hicks.  The album is produced by producer/mixer Mark Needham (Chris Isaak, Fleetwood Mac, The Killers), and Charlie Midnight.



HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES - | Touring Keyboardist/Backing Vocalist (2018-current)

AEROSMITH - | Touring Keyboardist/Backing Vocalist (2014-current)

JOE PERRY - | Live Keyboardist/Backing Vocalist (2017-current)

WHITFORD-ST.HOLMES | Touring Keyboardist/Backing Vocalist (2015-2016)

WHISKEY FALLS, Midas Records | Band Member/Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar (2006-2010)

BUTTERFLY BOUCHER, Interscope | Touring Keyboardist/Backing Vocalist (2004)

THE THORNS, Aware/Columbia | Touring Keyboardist (2003)

JOHN WAITE | Touring Keyboardist/Backing Vocalist (2001-2002)

TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT | Touring Keyboardist/Backing Vocalist (2001)

SHAWN MULLINS, Columbia | Touring Keyboardist/Backing Vocalist (2000)

MATTHEW SWEET | Touring Keyboardist/Backing Vocalist (1999-2000)

KENDALL PAYNE, Capital | Touring Keyboardist/Backing Vocalist (1999)

TAL BACHMAN, Columbia | Touring Keyboardist/Backing Vocalist (1998-1999)

CHRIS STILLS, Atlantic | Live Keyboardist/Backing Vocalist (1998)


Joe Perry - Sweetzerland Manifesto Keyboards (2018)

Whitford-St.Holmes - Reunion B-3 Organ, Piano, Backing Vocals (2016)

Aerosmith - Aerosmith Rocks Donington (Live DVD) Keyboards, Backing Vocals (2014)

"You Came Along" , feat. in Billy Ray Cyrus' Lifetime movie Flying By, Lifetime Network | Writer, Song Producer (2009)

Whiskey Falls, Midas Records - Keyboards, Vocals, Production (2007)

annah Montana 2: Meet MileyWalt Disney Records  | Keyboards, Programming (2007)

igh School MusicalWalt Disney   | Keyboards (2007)

Jon McLaughlan - Indiana, Island Records | B-3 Organ, Backing Vocals (2007)

Everlife - Daring To Be Different, Walt Disney Records  | Keyboards, String Arrangements (2007)

High School MusicalWalt Disney | Keyboards, Programming, String Arrangement (2006)

Aaron Carter - "Pop Star", Madacy Records (2005) & Jive Records (2006) | - Keyboards, Backing Vocals (2005, 2006)

Carlos Santana - "Just Feel Better" | Composer (2005)

The Cheetah GirlsWalt Disney Records  | Keyboards (2003)

The Flash Express, Hit It Now Records | Organ (2003)

Aaron Carter - "One Better", Jive Records | Keyboards, Backing Vocals (2003)

O-Town - "Over Easy", J Records | Keyboards (2002)

John Waite - Classic Rock Christmas: "All I Want For Christmas" Sanctuary Records | Keyboards (2002)

Jill Cohn - Stories From The Bluebus | Keyboards (2000)

Laura Satterfield - Dirty Velvet Lie | Keyboards (2000)

Matthew Sweet - Time Capsule: The Best Of Matthew Sweet 90/00, Volcano Entertainment | Organ (2000)

Tal Bachman, Columbia Records | Keyboards, Backing Vocals (1999)

The Doobie Brothers - Best of The Doobie Brothers Live | Backing Vocals (1999)

The Doobie Brothers - Rockin' Down The Highway: The Wildlife Concert, SONY - Backing Vocals (1996)